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Tired Of Cold Floors? 🥶❄️ You Need These Cozy Slip-Ons

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By Trey Jones  Advertorial



If you're like me, your feet are constantly cold in your house or apartment. Cold Floors = Cold Feet.


Let's face it, socks just don't cut it anymore. We need a better way to stay cozy at home.

Thankfully, I've found the answer.


Trooper America bandana slip-ons. All of my friends on Facebook were talking about these slip-ons, and as soon as first put my feet in them, I knew this was the way for me to stay warm and cozy at home!


These colorful slip-ons are so soft and comfortable. I couldn't believe it!

And it's so nice not having to worry about my cold hardwood floors at home anymore.


When you're at home, you need to be able to relax. But when you're cold, it makes lounging at home not fun. I highly recommend these slip-ons after wearing them for a few months now.


There's so many benefits to these slip-ons! Not only are they incredibly cozy, but they actually look good, too.

Let's be real, most comfy slip-ons just don't look good. These are a game changer.


And they come in over 40+ colors and styles. You can match every outfit!


I love my bandana slip-ons because my style is very important to me. I have to look good.


And if I can be comfortable and warm at the same time? You know I'm doing that!


Trooper America bandana slip-ons are so high quality. Out of all the shoes and slip-ons I own, these are by far the most well made. 

You can tell Trooper America cares about its customers and quality. The best slip-ons I own!


And Trooper America has a premium NewBuck collection that has faux fur inside. Yes, please!

I own a few pairs that have faux fur, and they're so nice and warm. Check out the below pic:


This cozy bandana brand has over 8,000 verified reviews on their website. It's obvious I'm not alone in saying that Trooper America slip-ons are the real deal.


You need to try these, Fam.


These cozy slip-ons are the best for long car rides and plane rides, too.

When you're on long trips, staying comfortable is a necessity.


Wearing these comfortable, stylish slip-ons makes everyday seem like a vacation!

Everyday I'm relaxing like I'm at the Four Seasons in Hawaii.


Because there's so many color options, my friends and I have a lot of fun wearing these slip-ons. This brand gets it. They know what's up!

KS-002 green 2.JPG

And Trooper America has an embroidered option. The embroidery slip-ons are really next level with the embroidered design. Trust me, you have to try this style too.

ks-002e black_purple.jpeg

A lot of my friends have the embroidered styles. Trooper America is making leaps in the footwear space. This brand is a trendsetter!


Once you get your first pair, I'm sure you'll be coming back for more. It sure happened to me!

I love every pair I own and I'm constantly adding to my collection.


Another great thing that I had to mention about this brand is that they give Free Gifts.

Right now if you buy 2 pairs of slip-ons, you'll receive a free pair of sandals. Nice!


Trooper America bandana slip-ons are worn by world famous athletes, celebrities and rappers!

The below pic is Pittsburgh Steelers legendary cornerback, Arthur Maulet, wearing his own pair of royal blue bandana slip-ons after football practice. Nice dog, too!


I've seen Trooper America slip-ons in so many music videos.

The best of the best wear these cozy slip-ons. You should too!


They fit True To Size, so you should buy the shoe size you normally wear.

If you wear a half size (like 7.5 and 10.5), I recommend sizing up to the nearest whole size.


If you order the wrong size, it's not a problem, Fam! Trooper America's got your back.

They're really generous with their 30 Day Return Policy. You're in good hands with them.


All of their orders ship from USA facilities, so the shipping team is real quick.

My package arrived in 2-3 days!

Trooper America patented bandana slipon.jpg

And the colors look so good. Every pair I own looks amazing.

You've got to see for yourself.


The brand is so popular that they are sold throughout the whole world. Everybody wants a pair of these cozy and stylish bandana slip-ons. I can't blame them!


I highly recommend ordering a pair for yourself today! I know stock is limited, so you should order right now in case your size gets sold out soon.

Click the below button, and your shopping cart will automatically get Free USA Shipping.

Enjoy Fam! Trust me, you're going to love your Trooper America bandana slip-ons just like me!

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